EinScan Pro 2X/2X Plus

The truly portable and versatile handheld 3D scanner for high-precision results

  • A great option for scanning small to medium size objects

  • Scan faster and more accurate

  • Ideal for high-quality 3D modeling




Meet the completely new EinScan Pro 2X & EinScan Pro 2X Plus, the next generation of handheld 3D scanners with the latest technology.


These new models are based on the feedback from thousands of users and the valuable input of SHINING 3D’s own R&D team. Being faster and more accurate than ever before, the portable versatile EinScan Pro 2X & EinScan Pro 2X Plus will improve the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling.


Portable & User-friendly Design

With a light weight and compact size, you can easily take the EinScan Pro 2X or 2X Plus anywhere like a laptop, enjoy plug-and-play installation and unlimited scanning experience.


Scan Faster than Ever Before

The latest development in data capture hardware and optimized algorithms, make the next generation EinScan Pro 2X series a dramatic breakthrough in scanning speed, processing up to 1,500,000 points per second (30 fps) under Handheld Rapid Scan Mode.


Technical Specifications

Here is a brief overview of the features and specifications of the EinScan Pro 2X and 2X Plus. You can also view the full technical specifications and more information by downloading the full product brochure below.


EinScan Pro 2X.png
EinScan Pro 2X Plus.png

Product Brochure

View the full product brochure for more information on the EinScan Pro 2X and 2X plus including full technical speficiations and applications for these versatile handheld scanners.


The price of the Einscan 3D scanner start with the Einscan -SP at £2218 through to the Einscan Pro Plus plus Series at £5832.00 and all prices in between depending on requirements.

The examples below can give you a rough guide as to the budget needed depending upon differing requirements:

  • If the requirement is for small piece scans, e.g. figurines to be 3D printed, then the Einscan SP at £2218 with turntable is ideal. This scanner would be complimentary to any small start-up 3D printer enterprise and especially for educators, colleges, universities.

  • If the requirement is for inspection of a car part, e.g. a bumper bar, then the Einscan Pro (without the built-in software) at £4628 is more appropriate. To complete the scanner would require the inspection software Geomagic Control X which compares the scan data against the original CAD model.

  • If the requirement is for reverse engineering with surface manipulation, then the Pro connected with a reverse engineering package such as Quicksurface would work well.

If you want to discuss what package would be best for you just get in touch and we'd be happy to help any way we can. Please contact us for pricing information by calling 0844 357 0378, email, or alternatively complete the contact form below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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