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3D Scan to CAD and Reverse Engineering Services for hobbyists, makers and model engineers.


You no longer have to settle for second best when it comes to making the most challenging and complex parts.

Our hobby and model service is dedicated to making the latest 3D technologies accessible to people like you at reasonable cost and with an understanding of your needs. Whether you are making a live steam locomotive, complex tooling, experimenting with robotics or restoring a classic motorcycle we can help you realise the most difficult parts.

Our special skill is in scanning and reverse engineering parts to enable production of an accurate replica.

Examples of parts we can duplicate include:

* Boiler fittings, injector bodies, lamps and manifolds.

* Both working and decorative parts.

* Flexible boots for moving parts.

* Carburettor bodies (full size or miniature!)

* Replacement parts for historic cars and motorbikes.

* Finished parts ready to fit.

* Parts for further machining.

* Jigs and tooling – we can even print complex form tools in HSS!


You can also send us your drawings or a 3D model from most popular drawing packages (we recommend Alibre Atom3D as an ideal solution for hobby use).

3D scanning and printing opens the door to the production of strong, accurate parts that can be scaled to suit your needs in a host of materials from engineering plastics to metals.

Historically, making small runs of complex parts has typically required three highly skilled stages: measuring and drawing the object, making a scale pattern and creating a mould and producing castings.

With our revolutionary 3D scanning technology producing accurate computer model of the part is largely automated, requiring only a clean up by our skilled draughters who can also add any modifications (e.g. converting from left to right hand, optimising a part for casting/printing, adding machining allowances or filling unwanted holes) you may need.

3D Scan to CAD Models
Reverse Engineering car parts
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