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3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Inspection Software

Reverse engineering (or back engineering) involves extracting knowledge or design information from a man-made object and reproducing the object based on that information.


We approach reverse engineering based on the particular engineering requirements of our customers. The crucial step is how to handle the scanned design information.


Our consultants are trained and have engineering skills and experience, meaning they can help you select the appropriate software for your needs. We also offer training and implementation services to help you with reverse engineering.


For those with an occasional need for reverse engineering, we can provide subcontract reverse engineering services.


Our Software


3D Reverse Engineering software for converting 3D scan meshes into CAD models


Reverse engineering add-in for SOLIDWORKS® for converting3D scan meshes into CAD models


The Ultimate Scan-to-CAD Solution. Build accurate, digital parametric CAD from just about anything 

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Powerful 3D scan-based inspection and metrology software that makes it easy to capture and interpret scan data.


Transform point cloud data, probe data, and imported 3D formats like STL and OBJ into 3D polygon meshes

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