EinScan SP

The expert choice with enhanced 3D Scanning experience

  • High accuracy certified through serious accuracy calibration process

  • Faster scanning speed

  • Make high resolution 3D modeling accessible to professional users

  • Meet your demands for high-quality 3D modeling of reverse engineering and design

The Next Step in the Evolution of Desktop 3D Scanners

Multi-functional, Captures 3D Data Easier and Faster

EinScan-SP, Ensures Designers Access to a Fast, Accurate & Reliable 3D Digital Experience.
· Dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan.
· Wide scan range from small to large.
· Scan in color, easy reconstruction of the real physics feature of an object.

EinScan-SP, Ensures Designers Access to a Fast, Accurate & Reliable 3D Digital Experience.

· EinScan-SP provides a high accuracy of 0.05 mm for a single scan;
· Availability of multiple type of alignments in EinScan-SP: using markers, turntable markers, feature and
manual alignments;
· Scan time of a single scan: EinScan-SP 4 s;
· Scan time for a 360-degree scan, under Automatic Scan mode: EinScan-SP 1 min;
· Bright silver color.


Easy Operation, Faster Scanning Speed


  • One-click scanning

  • Automatic calibration with no rigid set-up required

  • 4 seconds for a single scan

  • 1 minute for a 360-degree scan under auto scan mode

Technical Specifications

Here is a brief overview of the features and specifications of the EinScan SP and SE. You can also view the full technical specifications and more information by downloading the full product brochure below.



Product Brochure

View the full product brochure for more information on the EinScan SP and SE including full technical speficiations and applications for these versatile handheld scanners.


High Accuracy Certified Through Serious Accuracy Calibration Process

  • Higher accuracy, 0.05mm for a single scan

  • Multiple ways of alignment: markers, turntable markers, feature and manual


The price of the Einscan 3D scanner start with the Einscan -SP at £2218 through to the Einscan Pro Plus plus Series at £5832.00 and all prices in between depending on requirements.

The examples below can give you a rough guide as to the budget needed depending upon differing requirements:

  • If the requirement is for small piece scans, e.g. figurines to be 3D printed, then the Einscan SP at £2218 with turntable is ideal. This scanner would be complimentary to any small start-up 3D printer enterprise and especially for educators, colleges, universities.

  • If the requirement is for inspection of a car part, e.g. a bumper bar, then the Einscan Pro (without the built-in software) at £4628 is more appropriate. To complete the scanner would require the inspection software Geomagic Control X which compares the scan data against the original CAD model.

  • If the requirement is for reverse engineering with surface manipulation, then the Pro connected with a reverse engineering package such as Quicksurface would work well.

If you want to discuss what package would be best for you just get in touch and we'd be happy to help any way we can. Please contact us for pricing information by calling 0844 357 0378, email, or alternatively complete the contact form below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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