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  • Just how good are the results?
    We use exactly the same cutting-edge technology for our hobby and model work as for professional jewellers and industry and can deliver you the same state of the art results.
  • I have already designed my part, can you get it produced for me?"
    Yes, provided we can access your drawings, we can go direct to print or produce a 3D model from 2D drawings. We can also make changes, if required.
  • Is this approach expensive?
    Our approach is optimised for prototyping and small runs, so we don’t price to deter people who only want a single or small part. This makes our prices competitive with the costs of a more traditional approach, particularly compared to pattern making. Naturally costs also reflect the size, materials and technology you require; a simple part in Nylon will naturally be less costly than a complex one in stainless steel.
  • I don’t see the material I want?
    We can produce parts in a wider range of materials than are listed here including specialist composites like Onyx™, so just ask if you want another material. We can also provide detailed specifications for the materials used.
  • Is scanning and 3D printing cheating?
    No more than using other non-manual processes like CNC, laser cutting or even castings. We do think you should always be open about any such processes that contribute to the success of your model.
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