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Case Study - Pharmaceuticals 

We were approached by one of the world's largest multinational pharmaceutical corporations to provide 3D Scan to CAD services for parts from a pharmaceutical line.


What we did...

We were recently approached to scan parts of the process line to create 3D models for sharing with suppliers. The 3D models would then used for design of holding racks, trollies for autoclaving and storage.

We were required to create accurate 3D models of parts for spare part manufacture for a 1ml Syringe Vac Bell System, and then deliver data in 3D models for the client's own in house CAD system




  • All parts were highly polished stainless steel.

  • 26 parts were presented for scanning, each with a different level of difficulty

  • The general way to scan highly polished objects is to spray with a talc like substance however in this case none of the 3 sprays tested passed residue tests so we decided to use the new handy scan black 3D scanner as being one of only a few scanner that can scan polished stainless steel.

  • For extracting the data into CAD we used Quicksurface software - read more about Quicksurface here.



The work was completed in three days and the client was presented with the 3 D models in their own system.

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