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Desktop 3D Scanners

Stationary 3D scanners deliver price-to-performance for entry-level and professional users. They provide affordable and professional 3D modelling for design, education, research, animation, VR and AR. The SP is also suitable for reverse engineering applications.

SE Img.jpg

EinScan SE V2

SE is for entry-level applications - it has an excellent price-to-performance ratio with up to 0.1mm accuracy and a scan time of as little as 1s for a single scan. The device is safe, easy to operate, and versatile, perfect for STEM learning in schools, colleges, and universities.  

  • No technical knowledge required  

  • Visible white light is safe for schools  

  • 3D scanner for small and medium objects 

EinScan SP V2

SP Img.jpg

The EinScan SP is a stationary 3D scanner with professional-grade accuracy of 0.05 mm. Ideal for reverse engineering, design and digital representation applications - the SP is an easy-to-use solution for small and medium objects.

  • Reverse engineering and design  

  • Scan in 4 sec with 0.05 mm accuracy  

  • For small/medium objects  

Transcan C img.jpg

EinScan Transcan C

This professional-grade scanner captures exceptionally high resolution and accurate data of objects of a broad range of sizes. Two 12 Megapixel cameras produce detailed and colourful 3D models to generate a digital replica of an object. 

  • Dual scan range  

  • Multi-resolution fusion  

  • Accuracy: 0.035 mm (inner position) 0.05 mm (outer)  

  • Resolution: 0.0375mm

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