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Shining 3D - 3D scanning and reverse engineering: a new tool for an old task

The concept of reverse engineering has been around for many years, however with advancements in technology, as well as increased affordability, 3D scanning and reverse engineering is more accessible than ever. As the technology has developed over the years, the headaches associated with "traditional" reverse engineering methods have been eased. Gone are the times of painstakingly taking measurements using a pair of calipers - using 3D Scanners the process is a lot more refined and accurate these days.

A recent article by Shining3D discusses reverse engineering, the processes involved, the main applications of reverse engineering, and best practice. You can read the full article HERE.

We are an official partner of Shining3D in the UK and we are are always impressed with their commitment to be at the forefront of this dynamic technology. If you want more information as to how 3D scanning and reverse engineering can help your business, please get in touch either via or give us a call on 0844 357 0378.


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